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Here's some Frequently Asked Questions about It's Me. Also remember the Overview button on the It's Me front screen. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to email us your question.

Question Answer
My Caller ID is always unblocked. Before using It's Me turn off "Show my Caller ID" in your Phone Settings. If your iPhone doesn't have a "Show My Caller ID" setting (e.g. the Verizon or Sprint iPhones) you need to call your phone company or visit their website and request "Caller ID Blocking".
I have contacts in GMail and/or MS Exchange and I see extra entries and no ticks after I update! Both GMail and MS Exchange use MS Active Sync, which doesn't support custom labels. It's Me 1.3 introduced better support for Active Sync which prevented the extra entries from appearing. Please update It's Me and rebuild your It's Me contact by tapping on the It's Me logo on the initial screen.
I just updated It's Me from an earlier version, and it crashed when I tried to use it! Try running it again. Yes, we know that trying the same thing twice expecting a different outcome is one of the definitions of insanity. But try it, please. We've seen this occur on occasion and It's Me works the next time you use it.
How can I maintain groups of Contacts in my address book? The iPhone doesn't have a built-in tool for arranging groups of contacts. You can either do it on your desktop computer or by using an add-on iPhone app such as the free Groups app.
I can't send a text/SMS message using the It's Me entry. That's right, texting can't be anonymous. You must always text/SMS use the corresponding non-It's Me entry without the tick.
Does It's Me support address book labels in multiple languages? Zeker het! Sorry, it sure does! It's Me uses the localized labels from your address book.
And if you stick with the standard built-in address book labels (i.e. not custom labels) then you can change languages and It's Me will rebuild entries in the new language.
How do I recreate my address book entries in a new language? Tap on the It's Me Logo on the front screen and choose the "Rebuild It's Me Contacts" option.
Why aren't the It's Me menus and text in my own language? While It's Me supports localized address book labels, the It's Me app itself isn't Internationalized yet. If you'd like to help make that happen please contact us using the email link at the top of this page.
What if I've removed the original address book entry? When you use the Rebuild option It's Me will reconstruct such entries to ensure you don't lose any numbers.
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