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Pat Byrnes/Creative Director, Co-Founder
Celebrated cartoonist at The New Yorker, Readers Digest, Wall Street Journal and America Magazine, and popular book author and illustrator, Pat Byrnes, is also a stay-at-home dad, blogger and former rocket scientist who has lots of ideas every day. Out of the box thinker and doer Byrnes joined General Dynamics Convair after getting his Aerospace Engineering degree at the University of Notre Dame. Realizing his creative talents were better fed elsewhere Byrnes went on to win buckets of awards, from the Addy to the Clio, writing ad copy at big agencies, including J. Walter Thompson. Eventually he left copywriting for a successful voiceover acting career and has written a number of musicals. Byrnes is married to Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan.
Steve Landers/Chief Propeller Head, Co-Founder
Chief Propellor Head at Iconicast is Steve Landers, who specializes in graphical cross-platform applications that combine the best of proprietary and open source technology, and delights in masterminding 'it just works' solutions. After gaining a Computing Science degree at the University of NSW, he held senior technical positions with Exxon, Olivetti, and Murdoch University before co-founding Australian technology company Functional Software. For the last decade he has been principal of specialist IT design studio Digital Smarties which serves customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia; delivering solutions across industries as diverse as Telecoms, System Management, Financial Services, Bioinformatics, eCommerce, Corporate Communications, Universities and Medical Sciences. Landers is based in Perth, Australia and is well known in the open source community where he regularly contributes software, expertise and attitude.
Mike Doyle/Angel Investor, Co-Founder
Youd have to ask Dr. Mike Doyle why he decided to join Iconicast, because no one here can quite figure out why the founder of the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago and chairman of Eolas Technologies wants to hang out with a bunch of goofy cartoonists developing mobile apps. Our apps must be that awesome. Dr. Doyle is one of the smartest guys we know. Before he started Eolas, Dr. Doyle was the director of the Center for Knowledge Management at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). He didnt exactly invent the internet, but when he was at the UCSF Medical Center he led the team that developed the fundamental technologies that enabled Web browsers for the first time to act as platforms for fully interactive embedded applications. A true brainiac, his researchtopics include next-generation Web applications, 3-D biomedical visualization, and morphospatial genomic activity mapping. His transient-key cryptographic timestamp innovations have been adopted in the x9.95 ANSI National Standard, which really impresses a bunch of geeks like us. Before his work at UCSF, he was the director of the University of Illinois at Chicago Biomedical Visualization Laboratory, where his research included advancing state of the art of interactive computing. Mikes philanthropic projects include heading The Buonacorsi Foundation and funding the advancement of the arts and sciences across a wide array of academic institutions and arts organizations. When hes not busy being super intelligent, Mike enjoys downtime with his family at their cabin in Wisconsin where he likes watching films and football in his man cave and listening to great music.